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211. Feeling Fulfilment

Duration: 27:43
MP3 Radio Video

210. The Possibility for Peace
Duration: 28:06
MP3 Radio Video

209. Rain of Peace
Duration: 26:59
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208. One Life
Duration: 0:30:00
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207. The Seed of Kindness
Duration: 0:28:13
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206. The Voyage
Duration: 0:28:03
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205. Joy Every Day
Duration: 0:27:53
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204. A Fundamental Desire
Duration: 0:27:32
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203. A Gift of Understanding

Duration: 0:35:05



202. To See Yourself

Duration: 0:25:45
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201. Prem Rawat at International University of Peace Florianopolis, Brazil
Duration: 0:36:25
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200. Prem Rawat at Guildhall, London, UK
Duration: 0:32:59
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199. Water for Humanity and Peace
Prem Rawat addressed a distinguished audience at the United Nations in New York City at a special event called “Water for Humanity and Peace.” The event was held in honor of support provided by The Prem Rawat Foundation to the United Nations Development Programme Community Water Initiative and the National Council of Women of the United States´ Water Wells Project in Ghana.
Duration: 0:41:43
MP3 Radio

198. Peace, A Message Without Boundaries
This broadcast features Prem Rawat speaking at the Italian Senate in Rome, Italy. He speaks about TPRF’s humanitarian efforts as well as addressing the topic of peace, saying that individuals need the light of peace in their life in order for peace to come to the world.
Duration: 0:25:00
MP3 Radio

197. Journey Within
An hour-long conversation between Prem Rawat and journalist Marta Robles. Ms. Robles has been one of the most popular anchors and show hosts on Spanish radio and television for more than 15 years. Prem Rawat has traveled the world for more than four decades, inspiring people to find peace within.
Duration: 0:41:50
MP3 Radio

196. Knowing Happiness
Prem Rawat talks about two elements inherent in every human being; the yearning for happiness and the source of happiness within. He says that once one becomes aware of these two elements, one can experience happiness regardless of outside circumstances.
Duration: 0:26:32
MP3 Radio

195. Conversations with Prem Rawat
Burt Wolf, an accomplished television journalist, conducts a rare, one-on-one interview with Prem Rawat. Together, during a fascinating half hour conversation, they explore answers to questions that people have been pondering for centuries: Is there more to life than we think? Where can true happiness be found? Is peace possible? What is it like to live a life fulfilled?
Duration: 0:27:22
MP3 Radio Video

194. Infinite and Finite
Duration: 0:27:20

193. One Journey

This broadcast combines excerpts of Prem Rawat’s public addresses with interviews of people speaking about the benefits they receive from listening to his message. Prem Rawat speaks about the miracle of breath, the importance of fulfillment, and how a happy person automatically becomes kind.
Duration: 0:25:44


192. Prem Rawat at Oxford University

Prem Rawat speaking at the prestigious Oxford University in England on the topic of peace within.
Duration: 0:24:16
MP3 Radio Video

191. The Truest Celebration
A nature of a human being, Prem Rawat says, is to search, even if what we are searching for is undefined. But when we know what we are searching for, we can begin to accept that it is within us. And then, Rawat says, that is the day a human being can truly begin to live life as a celebration.
Duration: 0:21:30
MP3 Radio Video

190. Miami Dade – day one
Prem Rawat spoke at two events in Florida, at the invitation of Dr. Eduardo J. Padron, President of Miami-Dade College – the largest institution of higher education in the United States, with more than 160,000 students.  At the first event, he addressed leaders and prominent members of the Miami community as well as members of Miami-Dade College´s faculty.
Duration: 0:23:37
Radio Video

189. Prem Rawat Australia´s Parliament
Delivering the keynote address at a special event held at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on the occasion of the United Nations´ International Day of Peace, Prem Rawat talks about peace as a fundamental desire felt by people throughout the ages. “Peace,” he says, “is just as important as to breathe, to be able to see, to be able to exist.” He goes on to speak about a peace “that resides equally in the heart of every human being” and that every willing individual has an opportunity to experience in their lifetime.
Duration: 0:25:10
MP3 Radio

188. An experience Inside
The truest happiness is within, says Prem Rawat, and when a person feels the contentment within, things seem to fall into place. He goes on to say that understanding this fact is a key strength that every human being can possess.
Duration: 0:28:44
MP3 Radio Video

187. The Message of Prem Rawat
This broadcast presents the history and background of Prem Rawat, as well as his own description of what he does. He says that his message can apply to every person, that everyone has a heart and a need for joy, and that he offers help to those who want to experience it.
Duration: 0:28:03
MP3 Radio Video

186. A Basic Necessity
Prem Rawat speaks about peace as not just an absence of conflict, but as a state of being. He suggests that although people look different on the outside, everyone is searching for the same thing. He says that one can feel peace every day, and the way to find it is to turn within.
Duration: 0:28:45
MP3 Radio Video

185. Prem Rawat Speaking at The Indian Institute of Technolo
Prem Rawat speaks at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. He speaks about peace as something a person needs in life, and the importance of understanding that it is attainable.
Duration: 0:33:51
MP3 Radio Video

184. A Vision of Peace
Prem Rawat talks about the fact that peace has already been given to every single living person on the face of this Earth, and that the end of wars will not fulfill everyone’s need to feel peace. Discovering that peace within, however, can.
Duration: 0:30:52
MP3 Radio Video

183. A Passion for Peace
Prem Rawat speaks about a person’s choice between contentment and chaos, saying that the foundation to a life can be built upon either one. He also suggests that although many people look to governments, the peace that people are looking for is to be found within each individual.
Duration: 0:27:58
MP3 Radio
182. The Desire for Peace

“There is more to you than you realize,” says Prem Rawat. He speaks about each person’s desire for a peace that can be felt even in the middle of conflict. Once this desire is understood, a person can begin to know the value of existence.
Duration: 0:31:25
MP3 Radio

181. The Experience of Peace
Prem Rawat speaks about life as a beautiful journey that takes place every single day. To fully participate with it, one needs to accept the gifts that life presents each day. Begin by understanding what is important to you as a human being.
Duration: 0:31:42
MP3 Radio

180. The Preciousness of Life
Prem Rawat speaks about the challenge of accepting everything that life has to offer. He also speaks about understanding that within a human being is something that shines, even in the middle of chaos.
Duration: 0:25:56
MP3 Radio

179. The Immortal Within
Within you the most beautiful dance of life is unfolding, says Maharaji. If you want to understand this gift of life, it needs to be experienced every single day.
Duration: 0:50:18
MP3 Radio

178. Immeasurable Peace
Maharaji talks about how we often become so involved in trying to fulfill the formula for contentment in our lives, that we forget that it is the contentment itself that we want to achieve.
Duration: 0:37:26
MP3 Radio

177. The Want of The Heart
A child has the ability to see something without judging it as good or bad, Maharaji says, and therefore can see its natural beauty. Every human being has this capability, and can choose to use it to experience the joy that is a natural part of being alive.
Duration: 0:25:30
MP3 Radio

176. A Content Heart
Though there are many things a person may want in life, there is one thing everyone’s heart needs, and that is to be in peace. Maharaji speaks about the thirst for contentment, the clarity needed to fulfill that thirst, and the beauty that shines from a person who has a content heart.
Duration: 0:28:18
MP3 Radio

175. “The Oldest Dream” Maharaji at the University of Salamanca
Maharaji questions what it is that makes a human being complete. He speaks about the passion of the heart to feel peace, “to accept the gift of being alive in its entirety.” “Until that dream is fulfilled, something will not be complete,” he says. “Peace is the fundamental dream of every human being.”
Duration: 0:24:59
MP3 Radio

174. Maharaji at Sanders Theatre Harvard University
Maharaji contrasts the complexity of the theory of peace with the simplicity of the experience of peace. He presents the possibility of finding peace and fulfilment within to an audience of students, professors, and guests at Harvard University´s Sanders Theatre. He speaks of a peace that is more than the resolution of conflict, more than the absence of anger—a peace that is based on a presence rather than an absence—and suggests that everyone can find that peace in their life.
Duration: 0:18:11
MP3 Radio

173. Maharaji at the Universal Forum of Cultures, Barcelona Spain

Maharaji speaks of peace as something that everyone has within and that everyone can experience. He assures people that, “Like a lit lamp on the darkest night, it is waiting to be discovered.” So often ignored, it is time for peace to take precedence in our lives, he says.
Duration: 0:31:33
MP3 Radio

172. Maharaji at the House of Parliament Rome, Italy

Maharaji questions why peace often feels like an alien thing when the source of peace lies within each person. Acknowledging that all human beings are alike in that they all long for peace and fulfillment, Maharaji states that “every human being has the right to be fulfilled in the truest way.”
Duration: 0:26:53
MP3 Radio

171. The Value of a Moment
Maharaji speaks about the transforming power of each moment of life, giving an analogy of the single drop that joins with others to make a powerful river: “When you look at that river and you look at its might, you don´t get a clue that this began with a drop.” Pointing out the simplicity of seconds flowing into a lifetime, Maharaji urges people to take the time to “live this life a little consciously” and to “embrace the joy in your heart.”
Duration: 0:30:12
MP3 Radio

170. Because you are Alive
Maharaji addresses a university audience, speaking about the possibilities offered by simply being alive. He says, “Some people talk about how it could be, but I am here to talk about how it is. It is better than your wildest imagination, and everything you need to make that dream come true you already have. It is within you.” Included are expressions from people who have been inspired by Maharaji´s words
Duration: 0:33:56
MP3 Radio

169. Dance With Life (revised)
Maharaji talks about the dramas that go on in our lives and the one thing that all human beings are good at—feeling peace, feeling joy. He speaks about the gratitude that manifests when there is fulfillment and the need to be in synch, to dance with the partner called life.
Duration: 0:20:16
MP3 Radio

168. Maharaji at Griffith University
Maharaji suggests that while the need to feel peace individually is fundamental to us, we tend to ignore it in the pressure of daily living. He believes that finding peace within is a prerequisite to addressing the wider global problem of peace because the trigger to wars on the outside is the war inside. “The peace that I am talking about” he says, “innately exists in every living human being.”
Duration: 0:21:56
MP3 Radio

167. The Untold Story
Maharaji tells the story about a neglected musical instrument that has been ignored in favor of “the new and different.” The once loved instrument gathers dust until someone “who has the ability to see beyond the dirt” offers to clean and tune it. This is “the untold story,” he says, “and it is about you.”
Duration: 0:19:24
MP3 Radio

166. The Art of Enjoying
Maharaji speaks about our innate power to enjoy. “Of all the things you can enjoy, learn how to enjoy life,” he says. He points out that this is something we can do for ourselves, whatever our circumstances in life. “This is about discovering your own riches, … feeling the peace that dwells in your own heart.”
Duration: 0:18:19
MP3 Radio

165. One of a Kind
While peace is a complex issue for many, Maharaji says, it is actually quite simple: Peace is a feeling of joy and serenity within that everyone can feel. He speaks about playing the piano of life from the depths of that feeling, choosing the keys “to evoke that feeling of peace unique to each person”.
Duration: 0:17:31
MP3 Radio

164. Whisper of the Heart
Maharaji speaks about the unchanging reality of existence in contrast to the ever-changing realities that manifest during a day. “There is a place inside of you that is neither up nor down,” he says, “a place that is steady. The beautiful symphony of existence is inside.”
Duration: 0:21:21
MP3 Radio

163. Compass of the Heart
In this introductory address, Maharaji says that to truly appreciate the gifts that one has been given, one must understand the opportunity that life offers to every human being. He talks about life as an incredible opportunity to find beauty and fulfilment within. He also explains that once one has identified a thirst for this fulfilment, then the steps to realize it start to become clear.
Duration: 0:20:44
MP3 Radio
162. Within You

Maharaji says this existence is the only miracle. Remembering the value of this existence and this breath brings fulfilment.
Duration: 0:21:36
MP3 Radio

161. A Persistent Voice
Maharaji encourages the listener to make inner peace a priority, and to persist in feeling that peace every single day. He says that when we experience the difference between peace and doubt, we can fulfill the possibility of knowing incredible beauty in life.
Duration: 0:20:54
MP3 Radio

160. The Face of Peace
Maharaji speaks about the simplicity of feeling, and when you are feeling, it is not necessary to think about it. He says that even in the quietest moment the joy within is stirring, and it needs to be felt rather than explained. He also says that life is an opportunity to experience this joy, and the opportunity can be either taken or rejected.
Duration: 0:21:27
MP3 Radio

159. A Chance to be Fulfilled
We don’t view our lives as being simple, Maharaji says, but in reality life is very simple. He says that life comes in the form of a breath, and understanding the value of the breath gives significance to being alive. He also addresses feeling as one of the most incredible powers a human being has, a power that gives every individual the opportunity for fulfilment.
Duration: 0:19:01
MP3 Radio

158. The Story of Life
Maharaji speaks about a person’s life as a story that is constantly being written. He emphasizes that even though the wish for contentment is universal, each individual’s story is unique.  He also says that it is important to realize that each person can direct what is written in his or her story, and has the ability to choose a happy ending.
Duration: 0:24:55
MP3 Radio

157. Introducing Peace
Maharaji talks about a peace that can be found within each person, though it is often ignored. He describes it as a peace that exists in itself, and not simply an absence of conflict. He goes on to say that knowing this peace can provide a person with an amazing pillar of strength in life.
Duration: 0:22:36
MP3 Radio

156. The Subject is Life
Through all the different experiences in life there is a specific need, and the way each person fulfils this need is incredibly unique, Maharaji says.  He also says that although we think we depend on many different things in life, knowing where our real home is, and being able to go there, is the most important.
Duration: 0:32:45
MP3 Radio

155. Beyond Appearances
Maharaji speaks about the happiness that exists in the moment called now, where one is free from the influences of the future and the past. He says if one only takes the opportunity to look, one will find that within the breath lies an infinite well of joy and beauty..
Duration: 0:18:36
MP3 Radio

154. “Wanting to be Fulfilled” and “Peace is Within You”
Maharaji discusses the need for a human being to discover the reality that exists inside, saying that fulfilment comes from knowing that everything one needs is within. He also encourages listening to the heart, because the peace it wants is something everyone needs.
Duration: 0:24:30

153. A Sense of Purpose
Maharaji speaks about a human being’s innate desire to experience the beauty within. He says that although life may take a person through many twists and turns this ultimate destination never changes, and can provide a strength that will be always constant.
Duration: 0:18:50
MP3 Radio

152. Dance with Life

Maharaji speaks about the joy of experiencing life in a very simple way, saying that this is a joy that is always constant, regardless of one’s circumstances. He presents a practice he calls Knowledge as a way to synchronize with life, not what is happening in life but existence itself.
Duration: 0:44:00

151. Understanding the Opportunity
This title is not translated into your language.

150. A Unique Freedom
“More is given to you every day than you can possibly imagine. But you have to learn how to receive.” says Maharaji. He offers a reminder that human beings have an unlimited capacity for happiness and that there is a unique freedom in being able to receive that happiness.
Duration: 0:20:46
MP3 Radio

149. A Chance to be Fulfilled
We don’t view our lives as being simple, Maharaji says, but in reality life is very simple. He says that life comes in the form of a breath, and understanding the value of the breath gives significance to being alive. He also addresses feeling as one of the most incredible powers a human being has, a power that gives every individual the opportunity for fulfilment.
Duration: 0:29:59
MP3 Radio

148. Understanding Thirst
In this introductory broadcast, Maharaji says that to truly appreciate the gifts that one has been given, one must understand the opportunity that life offers to every human being. He talks about life as an incredible opportunity to find beauty and fulfillment within. He also explains that once one has identified a thirst for this fulfillment, then the steps to realize it start to become clear.
Duration: 0:45:10
MP3 Radio

147. The Call of the Heart
This title is not translated into your language.

146. Biased for Joy
This title is not translated into your language.

145. Embrace Life
In this presentation, Maharaji talks of something in life that needs to be discovered and utilized.  He reminds us of the hunger we each have for understanding this life. He says that when one understands life, then one acknowledges the potential awaiting within.
Duration: 0:23:25
MP3 Radio

144. The Power to See
This title is not translated into your language.

143. The Garden
Maharaji uses a beautiful analogy of life as a garden, a piece of land that we have each been given, to describe the magic of transformation which begins when one accepts the privilege and responsibility for happiness in one’s own life.
Duration: 0:19:10
MP3 Radio
142. The Song of the Heart

This title is not translated into your language.

141. The Feeling of Being Alive
Maharaji speaks of life as the seed of possibility and points out that the reach of human potential is beyond imagination. He says that for those who want the freshness and beauty that life has to offer, the challenge is to be aware, conscious, and to walk in this life with eyes wide open.

140. The Heart of Existence
This title is not translated into your language.

139. At Ease With Yourself
Maharaji talks of finding the key to yourself and describes how, while you cannot control the situations around you, your nature is to see and to experience reality. He offers his help to those who sincerely want it and encourages the discovery of one’s own thirst.
Duration: 0:18:58
MP3 Radio

138. Time for Peace
In this broadcast, Maharaji talks about living in earnest. He says that it is always the right time for peace, that each day is irreplaceable and needs to be experienced one breath at a time.
Duration: 0:43:45
MP3 Radio

137. A Bridge to the Infinite
Maharaji speaks of human existence as a bridge between the finite and the infinite. He explains that each person’s way of understanding existence is unique, and that the key to fulfilment is in finding our own individual expression of this understanding.
Duration: 0:18:12
MP3 Radio

136. Walk in Understanding
Understanding is a transformation, says Prem Rawat in this broadcast. He says that by understanding the value of this life one can begin to see how beautiful life is.
Duration: 0:46:51

135. The Need to Know
Quality of life comes from being in harmony with your self, says Prem Rawat. When the need to know this harmony is felt, then experiencing it becomes a possibility. He extends an offer of help to those who want to experience what he speaks about.

134. Finding Home
Maharaji talks about the importance of finding the home within. He explains that we all have an inner sanctuary which is unique to each person.
Duration: 0:18:30
MP3 Radio

133. Feeling Peace
Maharaji reminds us that human beings on this planet have always wanted peace and that each person, while striving to improve their circumstances, should not forget the inner horizon where their own peace resides. He also offers help to those who want to pursue the feeling of peace within.
Duration: 0:23:52
MP3 Radio
132. Life and Breath

Prem Rawat addresses the importance of the most fundamental topic in everyone’s life by asking “Do you know what it is like to receive a brand new breath? Do you really know what it means to have a brand new day?” He states that understanding these basics is essential to learn about oneself and not compromise one’s existence.
Duration: 0:44:38
MP3 Radio

This title is not translated into your language.

130. Something your Heart Wants
Maharaji addresses feeling good as one of the basic drives for a human being.
Duration: 0:36:06
MP3 Radio

129. Open the Eyes Inside
In this address, Maharaji explores the question “Why are we here?” He goes on to show that we have the choice in life to seek fulfilment and to be fulfilled.
Duration: 0:35:05
MP3 Radio

128. Fulfilment Each Moment
Maharaji explains that fulfilment is available in each moment if we look for it. He urges the listener to take time for this inner discovery.
Duration: 0:24:32
MP3 Radio

127. Potential for Peace
Maharaji talks about the potential for having a constant experience of peace. He explains that the right things must happen for this potential to manifest.
Duration: 0:19:36
MP3 Radio

126. The Possibility of Peace
In this broadcast, Prem Rawat introduces the subject of finding peace within. He talks about how each person is a truly unique being and how important it is for each person to find fulfilment.
Duration: 0:46:25
MP3 Radio

125. A True Home
This title is not translated into your language.

124. Being in Joy
This broadcast features Maharaji talking about thirst. He explores the beautiful journey human beings take, recognising their thirst and searching for fulfilment.
Duration: 0:43:30
MP3 Radio
112. Nothing More Beautiful

A human being was created with a purpose – to feel peace, to feel gratitude. Maharaji addresses this topic: to experience the most meaning and fulfilment in life, be in peace. That is when a person is the most beautiful.
Duration: 0:22:01
MP3 Radio

111. You Hold the Power
Maharaji talks about the necessity of extracting everything possible from every day and every moment, and the powerful results – incredible joy and peace.
Duration: 0:21:02
MP3 Radio

110. The Most Important Thing
In this introductory broadcast, Maharaji compares the many things that we do that hold attention, and reminds us not to forget what we have always wanted.
Duration: 0:20:30
MP3 Radio

109. Peace is Searching for you
Maharaji speaks about the fundamental desire for personal fulfilment. He reminds us that what we have always desired was already given to us and we simply have to look inside to find it.
Duration: 0:40:20
MP3 Radio

108. The Ocean of Answers
From a public event, Maharaji speaks about human life and fulfilment. He speaks about the opportunity we have been given to extract the most from our existence.
Duration: 0:45:11
MP3 Radio

107. An Invitation
Taken from a public event in New York City in 1997, covering the difference between thinking and feeling, exploring a joy that exists independently of our activities.
Duration: 0:25:25
MP3 Radio

106. Nature of the Heart
Duration: 0:50:15
MP3 Radio

105. The Search for Peace
In this introductory event Maharaji speaks about the breath that brings life and about the peace that resides hidden in the heart of each human being.
Duration: 0:43:25
MP3 Radio

104. An Attitude of Gratiitude
Duration: 0:44:40
MP3 Radio

102. Wanting to be Fulfilled

Maharaji discusses the need for a human being to discover the reality that exists inside, saying that fulfilment comes from knowing that everything one needs is within.
Duration: 0:10:39
MP3 Radio

101. Journey to the Heart
This title is not translated into your language.

100. The Promise

Taken from a public event in July, 2002 Maharaji speaks about the promise of this life and achieving fulfilment.
Duration: 0:53.29
MP3 Radio

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